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Petra. 21yo. Made in CZ.

Get fit, stay fit. Addicted to fitness. I'm currently in training to be the hottest ex-girlfriend you've ever had.

Height:5'6'. SW:207lbs CW:133lbs GW:116lbs


Because I’m happy

STRETCH MARKS. NOTHING TO BE ASHAMED FOR. As you can see - I’ve got stretch marks too. And whatever. That’s part of me, don’t feel ugly or disgusting because of stretch marks. Stretch marks doesn’t mean anything. That’s just part of growing up, part of being woman. Someone got them, someone not.  Reblog if you’ve got stretch marks and you’re not ashamed for it ❤️

November 2013 - May 2014 - July 2014 Feeling super strong and full of power!

Having a bad day. 
Needs to reminder myself what I’ve done so far.
Over 68lbs gone.


i hope flip phones make a comeback in 2015 

❝ But it’s so fun to get back in shape. The progress is so tangible, and week by week you can feel the improvement. Celebrate the longest run of X months, the fastest mile, the healthiest day, etc. Some days will inevitably be better or worse than others, and you have to do all the little things with even more of an emphasis. Enjoy that a slow run is still a run, and a step, no matter how small, is still moving you towards the eventual goal. ❞
- Kyle Merber (via lifeofclur)
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